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ThingPark® - Heartbeat of your IoT Ecosystem

ThingPark is Actility’s enterprise-ready IoT platform, built to ignite the vast potential of connectivity through our expansive suite of IoT products. Our commitment to innovation propels industries forward by enabling the seamless deployment and integration of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) globally.

We are the leading IoT Mediation Platform

Actility stands at the forefront of the IoT landscape, seamlessly integrating with all sensor types to support diverse industries and use cases. Its robust IoT solutions enable data-driven decision-making across sectors, enhancing efficiency and fostering innovation in an interconnected world. Discover how Actility is transforming industries through successful IoT deployments. From optimizing energy usage in smart cities to enhancing operational efficiency in manufacturing, our solutions are making a tangible impact worldwide.

ThingPark Community

IoT hub for collaboration, connecting devices and expert resources.



Online largest IoT Marketplace for IoT devices, gateways, and solutions.



Documentation portal providing guidance to build public IoT services.

Our IoT Solutions

Energy & utilities

Empower your IoT Solutions with ThingPark®

ThingPark® is the pinnacle of IoT platforms, designed to revolutionize the way you deploy and manage your Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Our platform stands out as a multi-technology, open, and hardware-agnostic hub, offering unparalleled flexibility and scalability for your IoT projects. Whether you’re looking to establish Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) across the globe or integrate sophisticated IoT solutions, ThingPark is your go-to partner.

Unleash the power of private IoT networks. ThingPark Enterprise delivers a robust, scalable solution for managing your IoT operations, enhancing efficiency and streamlining deployment within any business context.

ThingPark Wireless stands as the backbone of public IoT network services. With support for advanced LoRaWAN® and Cellular IoT technologies, this platform is the foundation for a future where limitless connectivity is the norm.

Interoperability redefined. ThingPark Exchange is our peering hub that simplifies network roaming, enabling various networks to connect and communicate with ease, thus extending your IoT solutions' reach.

Precise tracking, transformative insights. Our comprehensive location solver and APIs provide versatile location services that adapt to your diverse tracking needs.

Connect with innovators. Our marketplace bridges the gap between developers, vendors, and buyers, catalyzing the growth of the LoRaWAN ecosystem.

Join the forefront of IoT development. ThingPark Community is your gateway to connect with other innovators, share insights, and access a wealth of resources for developing and refining IoT solutions.

Your guide through the IoT landscape. The ThingPark Documentation portal provides comprehensive resources to fully leverage the power of the ThingPark product suite, whether for building public IoT connectivity services or digitizing business processes.


Integration & interoperability

At ThingPark, we believe in a connected world. Our APIs and DX interface are designed for smooth integration with IoT clouds and applications, ensuring that ThingPark can adapt and evolve with your business.

With ThingPark’s commitment to integration and interoperability, you can be confident that your IoT solutions will be resilient, adaptable, and scalable, meeting the needs of today and tomorrow.

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With ThingPark, become part of a thriving community of innovators shaping the future of IoT. Our platforms are more than products—they’re a springboard for collaboration, growth, and the realization of transformative IoT solutions.

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